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i always feel sad and stressed and everything people say to me seems to uritate me, i dont show it sometimes but sometimes it takes over my body and i cant control the outburt it makes me do. i get very emotional over the most smallest things, i can start crying for the most little things and i cant control it and it just comes out. my eyes get really watery all the time out of the blue and i cant stop it. also im always very stressed, i have a family and i go to school like every other normal kid, i have a boyfriend who i love very much and he loves me. im always stressed and im always sad and angry all at the same time. i show my friends that im happy with a smile thats fake for me and real to them. i dont know whats wrong with me and why im like this. PLEASE HELP!


 I don't know how old you are, but it sounds like hormonal.  Talk to your family physician about this as well.  I know it is hard dealing with all the emotions.  Also, talking to someone about your feelings is really helpful.  Praying will help more than anything.  Praying for you and good luck!!




thank you nd im 12. if u find that hard to beileve im sorry anyways, is it normal for a 12 yr old 2 have this problem though. i dont think it is but it is hard dealing with these emotions nd i feel awkward talking to my family about these things because my mom gets mad easily i dont know why but she does nd so im to scared to tell her bout things cause im afriad what she will say


Dear Rebecca,
We all at some point in life faced what you have faced. but see, its alright to have emotions. But, you cannot allow emotions to take over you. It can lead to stress, anger, resentment, bitterness and loss of interest. You seem to have a happy life, a family unlike most others, a bf you are much in love with. So you ask yourself when you feel unhappy, what made you that?
See mostly it is our thinking that goes all wrong!! Everything starts from the mind. Get your thinking right. And you know how I get my thinking right ? :) I read the Word of God. The Bible. It helped me build my character. U know Jesus said to come to Him all who are heavy and laden..that He will give you rest. That rest means not just lying in one place and sleeping...its a place of peace...a place or rest for our spirit, mind and body.
You dont have to allow what others say u irritate you. If you focus on what others are saying about you rather than what you say to yourself, then obviously you will be the one to suffer. Start believing what God tells you abour youself? And whats that.?
That you are His own workmanship...created wonderfull. He has a plan and a purpose for you. He loves you. that is why He sent Jesus to take all your pain, stress...sickness...hurt upon Hiimself when he died on that cross. The Bible tells us that By his stripes we are made healed. What does that mean>? Jesus got smitten on behalf of us. All our troubled,, ailments,,, he bore upon himself and nailed it to that cross. And by believing this, you can have life in a bran new way..a new start from now onwards.... bcoz God reaised Jesus up from the grace. So He death could not keep him down. WHich means all that you are going thru He already delivered you out of that. Get it? :)
So the Bible tells us that we become new creatures! A new species. How good is that?

You dont have to fret over your emotions anymore? You have Vicotory throught Christ! ? Isnt that great?

He will give you wisdom and guide u into dealing with those who hurt you. You stop focusing on your weakpoints... when you receive jesus into your life, you no longer are your oldself my friend. He sets you free. You become a perfect spirit. And through faith that perfect spirit will manifest in your body through your mind. Soon you wont be feeling the way you do.

Im telling u this by experience. I used to be a huge moody girl... I change my mind often. But hwen the Love and peace of God came into my life... changed my attitude...... emotions. Only Gods word can bring change into our minds...our bodies..

one more point,. dont look at other ppls weakpoints... see the good in them.. love ppl..enjoy ppl.... Pray and start the day positively declaring good things..what you want to see happen.... You are a blessed person. believe that and be a blessing to others.



Just read that you are 12. its quite normal. trust me... im a person who even left home at the age of 12. Now dont do that ok. I am now 28!!
Sometimes we find it hard to talk to our parents. But likei said in my previous reply, God love you! Talk to him. Jesus is always near and dear. He holds us in His arms. There is not love like His anywhere in this world. When you begin to give first place to God in your life things will be begin to change. Even your mom! Moms are very important in our lives. WE must love and respect them. its not easy how they raise up up..carry us for 9 months... they get mad with us bcoz they have lots ot worry about us and mainly coz they loves us they just want us to be ok. But with the cares of the world and work stress..paretns tend to get angry fast these days. Its ok. But you can show ur mom..that you are the best daughter by honoring her as ur mom. what she says sometime might not be correct..and ur might be right..but still in love respect her and honor her. ok. U have only one mom in ur life.
God will open her heart to listen to u and to understand u. U can bring change into your home. take care sweet girl! :)



I was like you very much. I got a vitamin D3 blood test, and I was deficient in this vital vitamin. After proper medication, which still continues, all my emotional problems vanished.

Vitamin D3 could be a major source of depression, panic disorder, and severe anxiety. Have this test done, promptly.

Best wishes,


hello rebecca,

it sounds to me like you are depressed.

i was depressed at 13, so i know what its like.

the crying spells, stress, mood swings, hopelessness, easily irritated.

have u asked yourself why u r so blue and sad?

it helps to ask yourself these kinds of questions, because if you realise what you are feeling exactly you can finally feel the emotion (its hard, but important to grow from it) and move on with your life.

also, talking with someone you trust and love can help.

have you ever considered talking to a psychotherapist?

psychotherapy is awesome, it helps yo u to know yourself better and that is priceless dear.

the things you learn in therapy helps you all throughout your life.



also, i would like to let you know, that anger is an expression of frustration and/or hurt and/or fear.



keep that in mind next time you have an outburst. anger is not an emotion, it is just an expression of deeper sorrow.


regards, good luck and take care.




p.s.: dont be afraid to ask yourself what r are feeling.

 it should come to the surface pretty easily.

 it should REDUCE your outbursts, because outbursts are simply when ppl feel too much hearty emotions at the same time  OR when ppl REPRESS their emotions for a period of time and the brain cant take any more.

as humans, emotions regulate our lives.







hey rebecca i have the SAME EXACT problem as u!! im sensative to every emotion and the littlest thing can tick me off and i cry over little thigs too. even my mom gets mad easily like yours and she will never drop the conversation and she just gets madder and madder which makes me sadder and madder haha dont worry.......i feel your pain girl! but i dont have bf problems cuz im a guy and im single so yeah........HORMONES!!!!