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Hi there, I have had odd fluttering feelings under my lower left rib for about two weeks now. In previous relatable topics it has been down to physical inactivity or stress. I am a 16 year old boy and do a lot of physical activities and am under no stress at all. I have not had a huge amount of sleep recently but at least 8.5 hours per night. The fluttering sensation is not painful and mainly happens when I sharply turn my body and when I sneeze. Is it worth going to a doctor and getting checked out ?


Hello mumb,

Well I don't agree with other posters as far as physical inactivity or stress is concerned.  It sounds like you have rapid muscle contractions when you turn your torso or sneeze.  Muscle contractions of this kind are very common and can occur in many places of the body.  I wouldn't pay to much attention to it at the moment.  Sometimes when nerves are twisted or bent (compressed) in muscle tissue they release neurotransmitter which causes the muscle to contract and a time the muscle would not contract.  This is normal and since you don't have any pain, there is no discomfort.  I imagine with time it will stop doing this.  Since you are very athletically involved, you may have a muscle on that side that is a bit tense.