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Okay.... I have been having chest fluttering since I was 12, i'm 20 now and a little bit over weight. I recently got strep throat and the fluttering has been happaning alot more lately although not as hard. The fluttering before only lasted 1 to 2 seconds, with no pain. Its still like that... but it used to not be this freaquant. I also have anxiety and depression.. so it could be that... it gets worse when I smoke pot, or drink caffine or am in a crisis... does anyone have any idea whats going on with me?


Hello Gothchick, 
Since you say that you already are suffering from anxiety and depression, the most obvious link to the chest fluttering would be exactly these two conditions. That is because the worst thing with anxiety or depression that most people aren’t aware of, are the physical symptoms they cause.
For some people it’s the muscle clenching, change in voice… for some it’s the sense their heart is racing or the chest fluttering you are experiencing.

And especially the fact that this thing gets worse in situations when your body is already under more stress means that you will have to try your best to avoid high-stress situations. Of course, seeing the doctor and getting the right treatment for anxiety would be the best way to get rid of these symptoms, so I really hope you will get the help you need.