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Does anyone have any idea what causes a fluttering/quivering sensation in head and chest and at times arms fall asleep and hand twitches? Neurologist first thought related to migraine and later to muscle spasms. Anyone have any ideas of cause. This has been going on for many months.


Hello there,

My best friend had similar problems and since it has been going on for months as well he ended up having a surgery because of the untrap nerve. Maybe your neurologist should check this next time you go to see him.

And unfortunately there are various pretty severe conditions which are causing involuntary movement of the muscles so the faster you find out what is the cause of your condition the better. The situation is the same, when it comes to the treatment options. If you don’t know what is causing your problem it is very difficult to treat it as well. I hope that you will find some solution fast. Good luck and keep us posted.