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Hello, I am 18 year old man and I have noticed lately I feel 'down in the dumps' as the saying goes, I just feel unenergetic alot of the times. The only time I feel fresh and alive is when I awake and within 1 hour I just feel crappy about myself cause I feel dazed and tired. I was wondering if anything could increase my energetic levles by applying myself to a particular diet or more excercise, I currently don't do any physical acitivty really. But when I do on some days I still feel the same way and I eat moderately healthy to.I may be lacking in particular vitamins and or minerals to help assist me to feel better. Please help.


Try several activities that you enjoy most like window shopping, jogging with your pet and cooking. Foods known to boost our mood are omega rich food such as tuna, salmon, nuts and flaxseed.