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Oh, I wish I could post a photo of me from behind just so people could see the difference. ! I started the Dr. Bernstein Diet March 2004. I went from 278 to 168 in less than one year. I figure it cost me $ 3500.00/4000.00 but, man was it worth it. I have struggled with weight due to child birth mostly. It has been a struggle. I work so hard to keep it off, and I have recently had to return after a 60 lb weight gain, with good success, 23 lbs lost in my first month. I have 40 lbs to go again. I know I will get there. I do not have a problem losing weight, but keeping it off is another story.

I have one nurse who I like, she is very nice, the others...ah, I do not feel that they like me that much. I feel like they are just waiting for me to fail, so I will get kicked off the diet. I want to get to my goal weight this time and keep it off!! They have recommended that I see a counselor, I appreciate that, she has told me I need to learn how to express my emotions in an alternative way to food! I grew up in an emotionally stifled family, and she suggests that is the root of my problem.

The other change I need to make is completely give up alcohol.

When I went back they told me they thought I had an eating disorder. NO GUFF/REALLY!!! Sorry but, I was morbidly obese, there is no doubt that I have an eating disorder. I eat when I am happy, sad, mad, glad, tired, energetic, partying, not partying, !!!!!!!

Anyway, I am anxious to get to my goal weight, and keep it off!


Hi Mountain,

Keep up with the good work, be persistent and don't make food your major satisfaction!!!Let us know how it went! And don't let Dr. Berstein's staff get on your nerves....they seem like an annoying crowd. Are they all fit? I suppose they have to be?


I do not want to be critical of those who work at the clinic. I have spent my life feeling like people judge me for being fat, obese really. Like I eat a cake, extra large pizza, and sit on the couch all day! NOT true, but I often feel the judgment, so I do not want to judge anyone else. I can physically work circles around any fit person and I am carrying 40lbs on my body. I do not want to judge them and lower myself to thier level!

We are in a society where fat is ugly, skinny Beautiful! I know that those who work at the clinic and are overweight have to have alot to struggle with mentally. Imagine seeing people day in , day out, drop lbs like crazy! Thay must have to exist in a a serious work hazzard mentally! Apparently (I read) that it is free to them, and that must make it even worse! Imagine having this "candy" of skinniness hanging over your head while you work, and for medical reasons, or otherwise, you do not partake in the weightloss fruit! GOD. I cannot imagine how they feel.

Who bugs me at the clinic: The skinny ones who judge you for gaining weight with thier eyes when you go back. They sit perched like a vulcture waiting for you to slip out of ketosis, or not meet the demanded goal they give you. Who get this wierd blissful voice and are happy to see you not come back! THEY are there, and those are the ones who I use to pshycologically pumb myself up to lose weight for. HA!! I say in my mind, you did not win today you creapy vulcture!!!! (Wow: That sounds a bit crazy!!!) But it is true, it is what I do.

I have to admit: I did not eat for two days because I was afraid I would not meet the goal they set for me and get kicked out. It feels really good to confess this on a message board, as I could never admit it verbally to anyone.

Thank You for your encouragement Jenny.


I don't think you sound crazy by saying "you did not win today you creapy vulcture!!!!". It sounds to me like a normal reaction to the torture these guys are putting people through.

At least you found a good way to use their bad attitude for your own benefits.

By the way, is not eating for two days also recomended by the clinic or something you decided to do own your own.

Maybe you could send us before and after pictures once you are satisfied with your weight or show us your progress???

That would be great! Thanks for your time and for sharing your story!


Thanks AGAIN!! I think I am crazy being on this diet, especially now after reading so many people's testimonials. This is a brutal process, I remember when I first started, I felt so vulnerable. Being told you are "morbidly obese" and realizing exactly how dangerous a situation you are in makes you buy into the program fast. You are told that you could die of a heart attack, and that you need to think of the message you are sending to your children. You are told you will get to play with them like a normal person. The fast results give you a sense of euphoria. You start to feel like you have control over yourself for the first time, and you are seeing fast, immediate results.

Everyone begins to notice, you get the "wow" how are you losing so much weight, they start to watch you because they think you are losing too fast. Then, the remarks, the "oh, I am so worried", are you okay? Then you really buy into the program and say, oh do not worry, I am being totally medically supervised! I encouraged someone to join! Imagine that! He has this referral system where if you recommend someone he gives you a week of free treatment! (I do not recommend this diet to anyone!) I take all the support I ever gave this diet back 100%!

I have been really thinking a lot since all this has happened. ( The return to the diet, the contract, the threat to kick me off, and then getting onto this message board.) Dr. Bernstein diet takes your voice of being a human being away! The diet stacks the deck against those who try to return after gaining weight.

I was told when I started that the "maintenance" and "tune up" program was in place to help me on my journey to weight loss. That is garbage!! I have achieved my goal 2 times. The maintenance program is insane. If you gain weight, you have 2 weeks to lose it, if you do not lose it then they force you back onto the strict program, and you have to start buying the full injection package again. You gain weight in the first two weeks when you are allowed to eat unlimited vegetables off the strict diet allowed list! There are no calories in those vegetables!

I was told that if I wanted to keep it off, I had to exercise, so, Did I exercise! An average of 2 hours a day, but I was constantly bonking because I did not have enough nutrition in me to sustain the exercise I was doing.

I am treated like c**p right now. There is no support and no encouragement to return and keep on trying. I have read on these message boards that getting kicked off is for "your safety." I dropped in and out of ketosis many times when I was first on the program, and spent upwards of $4,000.00, if it was safe the first time, and allowed the first time, then it should be safe and allowed the second, and third time! It is an unbelievable contradiction to the facts of the program.

Okay: back to what I have decided. I have a funny suspicion that I am one of the few who have not let them win. I am staying on this diet, and I am documenting the entire process. The diet has taken away many peoples voices, and hurt a lot of people, by blaming them for the inevitable failure of keeping the weight off! I am going to do everything that I can to continue to meet their insane restrictions until I hit a place where they finally get me. I will post, I will keep photo's, I will keep a record of how extreme a place they send you to. I hope that this information keeps as many people away from this diet as possible.

This diet has neglected to consider the power of information! I would be happy to post photo's but, what if they find out who I am? I will keep the photo's until I am off the diet, and then post them!

Today's Weigh In:
198.8 lbs ( no weight loss since Wed) Ketosis: Evening Urine ++++4

I ATE: (WED) 1 power bar, 1 cup of low fat bullion, 2 oz onions, 8 oz of broccoli, onions, and cauliflower, 3.5 oz of grilled chicken. (THURS) I envelope of DR. B Porridge, 1 apple, 1 cup of low fat bullion, 2 oz tuna, 6 oz of broccoli, onions, peppers, 1 tsp ultra low fat mayo.

NO: They do not tell you not to eat, but if you do not lose weight, you get kicked off the program, so you do not eat out of fear of not losing weight.

Thanks Again Jenny!


Okay, so, I just realized that if I do not post photo's no one will believe that this story is true, so, ok. I will but how do you do it? I clicked on the img tag


My girlfriend is also on the Dr. Bernstein diet. She started at over 300 lbs, has lost almost 50 (in three and a half months) and she also is giving the people there the middle finger because they keep telling her that she's going to get kicked out. She says that they're so critical and if she gains any weight they almost scream at her. I feel badly for her though because the diet is so strict that aside from a few things she can buy at the clinic (for a small fortune) all she can eat are chicken and green beans.
She's had to quit for a while though because she had her wisdom teeth out and was on doctor's orders to not be dieting. Well, that was about two weeks before christmas and she decided to stay off of her diet until after new years. She ate like a normal person (like I do, I'm a competitive martial artist and eat quite healthily) and we went for a walk every day and to our surprise she only gained 3 pounds in that month! It was all water weight too so as soon as she started drinking tons of water again and using lemon again she actually lost it. Since then though she's slipped once and knocked herself out of ketosis and they've kicked her out until she can go get a medical checkup from her doctor, then she can go back on the diet. Last weekend though we were skiing with some friends and one of them, Tara, is on the South Beach diet so since then and until she can go for her checkup she's following the South Beach diet just to keep the momentum going. The advantage of this is that the South Beach isn't a starvation diet but works very similar to Dr. Bernstein without the also allows a greater intake of food so that you can work out.

Remember too that if you work out too hard your body doesn't burn fat. It takes whatever energy (carbs) it can from your liver and burns that instead. Your body requires some carbs to function (your cells need it to function) and if you burn up all of your carbs working out you'll feel ill and won't lose any weight. The idea of working out is to increase your metabolism and I would recommend an activity such as kickboxing (the fitness classes, not competitive), briskly walking, jogging, swimming or even soccer. Circuit training is good but if you're going to do this I'd recommend finding a good personal trainer and just work with him/her once in a while to make sure you're working out in the proper range for increasing your metabolism and burning fat. If you don't, you will get your heart and muscles into shape but you won't accomplish anything in terms of your weight.

Good luck. I know it's tough.


any thoughts


Hello Everyone,

I to was on the Dr B diet and it did work and I dropped 35 pounds and felt great. I have really bad TOM every month and seem to really crave sweets at this time. I went up on a vacation and was put on the agreement plan that if I did not lose 2 pounds a week I would be kicked off the program which did end up happening because I had a bad TOM and ate some bad stuff ( life happens) Anyway it has been about 1 year since that happened and I was wondering if they ever let you join again or once you are out that is it? Does anyone know? The diet did work and I would like to try again.

3boys no girls but the Queen of the house!


Hi Mountain, you don't have to upload photos if you think you can get in trouble. You can also do it after you had finished with the program.

The thing with photos is that you need to upload them someone on the internet first and then on the site. You can not upload them directly from your computer to the forum. If you decide to upload some photos, you can use those web albums like

You can learn here about using picasa:


Jenny is there any way of contacting you ? Im new to this board but I am in an almost exact situation as you and would love to discuss this with you. If you still read here please post back.


hey guys, heres a tip!

Listen; if you get kicked off the program- dont sweat it- you can do the diet without the clinics and thousands of dollars. You must all have your diet book right? Just follow it- and continue without the injections. The injections are only B complex and patasium for energy because you are literally starving your body when you go on this diet. I dont understand why people think they must go to the clinic all the time and waste all the money- and get harassed by the nurses; i've heard SO many horrible stores about thos nurses. Just follow the diet book without spending anymore money - hope that helped


4 weeks into the Bernstein Diet and period almost due. Cravings out of control and the Clinic now tells me that a shot of B complex for this is limited/prohibited to those who have had an alergic reaction to the reg. B 2&6 shots. Oddly, all of the staff nurses are not aware because I had a sot of this 'now prohibited' stuff last week and the cravings subsided. Can't get any more. Royalaly p-d off and cravings out of control. I know that once on period, I will be fine again until next month. \\Anyone else with this issue. Was told that directives are continunous but this seems to be counter-productive for those like me. Also, cost effective for the Clinic because the number of people that are allergic as they put it to the number of those that can take the orig. formula of injections are much less....Any comments?

Lynn LOrretta Vecchiarelli
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
email: _[removed]_ anytime.

Than ks for sharing! & best of luck to everyone!
Still with the diet for the long run but frustrated.


againThis is shocking, that clinic sounds like a bag of s*** to me.

People you all have the power in YOU to lose the weight. DO NOT GO TO THESE CLINICS

its commen sence EAT FRESH stop buying cookies, the choccie milk, ice cream and bagged sweets.

STAY in the fresh meat and veggie section. DRINK WATER, cut out the fizzy drinks,

I have been on and off diets for years! my weight has sea sored up and down.

There is no quick fix, I know its hard when you diet for a day and by the end you starving and dont lose weight.

Get this into your head : IT DOESNT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT

but dont despair becuase it does happen with PERSISTANCE


It is up to you, you have it in you, you dont need to spend thousands of dollars.

The story of my life, Im an emotional eater, if im bored I eat, if im upset I eat.

Everytime I went to the supermarket I would get a basket of groceries that would cost me about $50 just for one little basket, do you know what I usually had in my basket?????

Choccolate, custard, choccolate milk, lollies, fizzy drink, rice cream, garlic bread, popcorn, complete sh*t in other words.

Only one summer I have been slim, 5kgs away from my dream weight but still looking fine, I loved being able to go shopping with my sister and buy what I wanted, I could confidently go into a store knowing the clothes would fit! plus I could wear killer sexy clothes (not skanky but attractive) plenty of attention from guys it was wonderful. I knew my slim happy vibrant self for about 10 months, the best months of my life! I was actually able to wear a bikinni!! it was incredible.

Then my sisters fiancee of 4 years suddenly died, he was like my brother and the best person I ever knew, had a heart of gold. He was only 24. It was a tradgedy and it took its toll. I slipped in school and just lost all motivation and desire to do anything, plus my best friend died from cancer 2 months later, I was there when he died. Im on the verge of tears just thinking of it now. Its been 2 years.

I stacked the weight back on, I went from the top student in class with the highest marks for the school and dropped out becuase I just didnt care any more.

I went from 75kgs to 95kgs (ive got a strong build, muscle). From a size 14 - a size 18. Fat, unhappy with the way I looked I just worked on the dairy farm my family was share farming at. I tried one of these you know meal replacement diets, I was starting to lose weight again...

I think I got down to 86kgs. Then my shoulders started hurting, I was working full time in 3 jobs, working 7 days a week for about 6 months, I was working my guts out to be able to pay for hay to keep my sheep / cattle alive during the drought.

I had a pain in my shoulder, it would hurt to extend my arm and lift the milking machines and hold it to put on the cows udder. I used to do this 300 times a milking (300 cows) every day twice a day for years flawlessly and the one day my shoulder hurt, it was a niggling pain and then it got worse and worse, the pain extended right up my arm, I put in my 2 weeks notice, by the end of 2 weeks I was crying to even lift the milking machines, its like i lost the strenght in my arms.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I took 6 weeks off, went back to work and the same day I started the pains came back.

Went to some specialist and he thought the little disk in my shoulder joint was enflamed there fore hurting my arms to move

His cure and in his words was an injection of quarterzone directly into the joint.

He told me exactly " Once I give you this injection, the swelling will go down and in a week you will be fine and be able to go back to work as normal, this will fix your problem"

Great thanks doc, I cant thank you enough

Well he gave me the injection under ultrasound and as he was injecting it just like an after thought he says "Oh yeah, this will probably make you put on a little bit of weight"

thats all he said and I just said "uh OK" I thought in my head, should only be 2-3 kgs. He did say "A LITTLE BIT OF WEIGHT"

Well i go home, week off from work, I was still drinking water, eating normally as I always do (plus they had me on really stong anti inflamatry tablets)

after a week of doing no work with my arms, just total rest ummm yeah it doesnt hurt my arms when I dont move.

I went back to work, first day was just light on a rotary dairy and I only had to take cups off, but second day the pangs came back, third day it was as bad as ever and I was only taking off the machines, not putting on.

I went back to the specialist 2 weeks from my first injection.

Hmmmmm does another ultrasound, hmmm the disk is still swollen. Well Ill give you another injection but DOUBLE STRENGHT, just like 2 injections in one (remember when you said one injection would fix me?????)

I stupidly let him inject the DOUBLE STRENGHT injection into my joint.

Take another week off, you'll be right as rain after a week this will fix it for sure!

Did the same thing and after a few days the pains were back just as unbearable as before and I was only doing a fraction of my normal work load, stuff all! plus some of the co workers and my boss were poking fun at me becuase they thought I was making it up to get out of work :-(

Well that was just the start, I never went back to the specialist. about a week after the second injection, I noticed I had started to gain weight, rapidly! I was 86kgs one week, the next I was 89, In a month I went from 86kgs to 106KGS!!!!!!! I put on 20kgs in a month!

I saw my local GP and she nearly passed out when I said I had 3 injections of quarterzone. She said you dont put on a little bit of weight you put on stacks! and the other bad news is the quarterzone stays in your system for about 6 months so you wont be able to lose that weight.

You know how depressing it is, at 86kgs (when i thought I was fat) I only had like 3 stretch marks, either side of my tummy. In a month, I go stretch marks on my thighs, all over my stomach, my breast, my back.

What made me cry was the day I discovered stretch marks UNDER MY ARMS!!! I eventually got to 109.8kgs...... I was that weight for months. I would try exercising my guts out, starving myself and not lose an ounce, BUT I could eat ice cream, pizza, fizzy drink, complete s*** and live like a slob and not gain any more. So for months I just didnt care what I ate and tried to keep a job.

It had been a year since the injections, I still have the problem with my shoulders (????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)

But the quarterzone should have been gone. Ive been very badley unmotivated towards work and everything, I hated myself and my body but I loved my food

One morning I woke up and decided I didnt want to be a fat pig anymore! I wanted my old body back.

I ate fresh. In the morning when I got up I drank heaps of water (I hate water, I cant stand water, but its a small price to pay to be good loooking, would you rather keep drinking your luxury sweet juices and fizzy drinks becuase they taste good (and help keep you plump) or can you have the guts to just drink the damn water!!!! Its horrible at the start but after a week when your thirsty, you will thirst for water, not juice.

So I drink heaps of water. Ill have a 1.5liter bottle and Ill just keep drinking and drinking, I force myself to drink it. I might have half the bottle ( approx 800 mls) it fills you up! then Id have my breaky of an egg omlette with bacon, mushrooms, tomato, celery diced and choped in with it.

The key was water, healthy fresh food and exercise.

In one week, yes SEVEN DAYS I lost 6kgs, but in pounds I think thats like 12 pounds or something, Im from australia so we use KGS over here :-D

I felt great, and best of all I didnt crave junk food, Im actually can not stand it, I made a permanant change in my mind, its for my health a well being, KEEP IT FRESH, dont buy the boxed c**p. I went from 109.8 kgs to 103.8 kgs in a week. I had went away from home to work on a sheep stud to help out with lambing and 3 days into it i lost another 1 kgs, so I was 102.6 actually and then unfortunalty I broke a bone in my foot at work.

I was in plaster and out of action for a month. I was worried I would put the weight back on BUT my weight has maintained as Im still eating healthy (im on crutches, total rest, Ive been sitting on my bum watching tv for a month) and thank god Ive kept the weight off, as I anitially though, oh b****r itwill come back on.

My plaster comes off next week and ill be back to work and moving around again and losing weight!!! Ive made the commitment in my mind, Ive decided I DONT WANT TO BE FAT ANYMORE

Im doing it on my own. I went from getting one basketfull of complete junk food that costs the earth ($50 basket) and when I was on my diet Id fill my basket with fresh meat and veggies and canned tuna in brine and my basket (which was considerably heavier than a basket of junk food) would only cost me about $20, plus it was healthy and doing me good.

Im revolted by junk food now and it just cant call me to its sweet suger. It was my bday recently and mum bought the most devine mud cake and my brother got heaps of ice cream and chocolate topping.

Well I could only eat about 3 spoon fulls of this scumsious mud cake and I just didnt want to eat anymore, I didnt want any in the first place but it was my bday and I didnt want to hurt mums feelings.

But the ice cream I couldnt stand to think of even contemplating to put in my mouth, my brothers happily ate it themselves (5 litres in one night??!!) 8-|

Im not anerixic and Im not hungrey with my life style change, I fill up on water and I eat till im full, I have steak, chicken, tuna, bacon eggs, I eat all meats and all fresh veggies, salad whatever. Im eating a full meal but its all healthy.

One example, I used to eat mcdonalds too. Well Ill have a 180 gram tin of tuna in brine. Its like 69 calories to eat 180 grams of tuna, something like 300 kilojules.

I was stuck in town one day with limited cash and was starved, the supermarket was on the other side of town and ended up going to mcdonalds to get a bacon and egg mcmuffin (I didnt want to but I was starving!) well I got just the muffin by itself and sat down to eat it.

I looked at its handy nutrishional panel and to my horror just this 185 gram of bacon and egg mcfuffin contained a whopping (approximatly I cant remember the exact amount) 1200 something kilojules!!! where as my can of tuna which is 180 grams of food, same amount, 300 someting kilojules.

incredible isnt it.

Sorry for rambling, I just thought I would share some of my experience with you but my point is you can do it all by yourself, its up to you, JUST DO IT! its for you to decide, do I want to be fat or do I want to be trim and happy, we have the power, its up to you. Ill come back in about 6 weeks once I come back from work and post you my progress im hoping to lose at least 12 kgs in 6 weeks. go from 102.8 to 90. my goal weight it 76, but Ill be thrilled when I see good old 86 kgs .


I can't believe youre complaining and bad mouthing the clinic Mountain. My God, you're going there because you obvisouly cant or WON'T lose the weight yourself. I went to Bernstein's a year and a half ago, lost maybe 40lbs before I crapped out and quit, like the loser I was, of curse. And now I'm back. I've lost 18lbs in less than 2 weeks since starting. And they've not once turned their noses at me.

And I want to clarify, the reason people (and I've never been threatened of getting booted out of the program) but the reason why they kick someone off is because they are providing you with a vitamin boost shot that assists you in metabolizing fat, they are not in the business of simply giving shots to lose weight, they want you to lose the weight through healhty eating and a lifestyle change that will keep you from gaining the weight back.

If they were a sham they would keep you on the diet like one of those other clinics out there, herbal whatnot and fat watchers, and let you keep paying them without losing weight!

To go there and just get shots and expect to not have to put any effort in.. well what the hell? Go get liposuctiona nd never fix the problem beneath the surface.

I'm 5'3", I currently weigh 266lbs after my 18lbs weight loss, it's bloody hard to lose but I'm determined. They have people on a 900 a day calorie diet and provide you with support. If you go out of ketosis, it's because you're not following the diet, and if you're not losing weight, it's because you're not following the diet. I have three boys, my God, every day I have to cook delicous foods for them and I swear, what would it hurt to have a taste? EVERYTHING, I wouldn't be being true to myself and my goal. Whats the point of complaining about losing weight with Bernstein's? They're helping me to save my life from a world of diseases and premature death, yes, from my own doing, a lifelong battle with fat, but I'm not going to complain about it. And I think what you've said here is absolutely insane. You wouldn't recommend this diet to anyone? I wouldn't recommend it to the weak of mind.

If you hate Bernstein's so much, lose the weight without them.