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Hi, please send me a list of foods to avoid when having a spastic colon.


The severity of spastic colon is different in every person and diet does not cause spastic colon but if you make some dietary changes you may ease the symptoms. For example you should avoid high-fat foods like bacon and mayonnaise because it will only worsen your symptoms. As well you should stay away from products which have caffeine. Most common ones are coffee, tea, chocolate and sodas. Alcohol is forbidden as well because beverages like beer may stimulate the bowel and increase your diarrhea problems. Next on this list are dairy products as milk, cheese and ice cream. You should either limit them during an irritable bowel flare-up or completely remove them from your diet. And off course spicy foods are off the limits because it may worsen spastic colon symptoms. This probably sounds terrifying but after few days of adjustment you will realize that this is actually for your own good. And follow the instructions given to you by your family doctor.