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Hi everyone. A friend from work mentioned the alkaline diet few days ago. I’ve never heard of it before. He was really enthusiastic while he was talking about it and he offered to explain to me all the benefits of this diet for our overall health. I listened him very carefully and from what I’ve heard, this diet is great. With it, I should be able to improve my health while I lose pounds. I am definitely going to try it. Do you have any experience with this diet? Does anybody know what foods will I need to avoid when I start with it?


Hi there.

Well, you are probably aware that this diet is trying to keep your body alkaline. Because of that you should avoid acidic food. Of course, you should not completely remove acidic food from your menu. You just need to limit it.

Snacks like chips, ice cream, beer and cigarettes are high acidic and you should avoid them always. All types of junk food. That is not healthy for you regardless of this diet.

Most meat are pretty acidic after the body digests them. You can eat a little, from time to time, but in most of the times, you should avoid it. 



Cigarettes? Really?? But I can’t live without the cigarettes. He never mentioned that little detail. He knows I am a passionate smoker, I don’t know why would he suggest this diet to me. Do I need to stop smoking while on this diet? And beer.:/ I was afraid of that. But I can handle it. I never liked meat so that won’t be a problem for me. Do you know what else should I avoid? What about eggs? And fruits, can I eat fruits? And if I can, which fruits are not recommended? Thank you a lot Aristotle40, I didn’t’ know any of this.



You are welcome TinkerBell23. I am glad that I can help.

So you really like beer huh? :) Don’t be sad. I think that a few beers during the weekends will not cause any damage.

Don’t worry about the fruits. At least don’t worry when it comes to acidic fruits. The alkaline fruits is what you need to concentrate on. Most alkaline-forming foods are vegetables and fruits.

And as for the eggs, I am not sure if you can eat them at all. They are high in acid content. I think maybe you can eat 2-3 eggs in a week top.


Hi TinkerBell23

There actually are some acidifying fruits that it wouldn’t be bad for you to avoid. Blueberries are one of them. You should also limit cranberries and currants. Plums and prunes leave an alkaline ash but actually they have an acidifying effect on the body. So avoid them also.

And you know what is the main thing you should avoid besides acidic food? It is stress.

You must avoid emotional stress. This is something that quite often leads to acidic pH.

And the beer is not the only drink you should avoid. There is also wine, hard liquor and spirits. 



Hi everyone

If you really want to try alkaline diet you should consider quitting cigarettes and beer. I mean, it is better for you to follow the program strictly for about half a year and then, after you are done with the diet you can drink beer. And about the cigarettes, if you manage to quit smoking, never try one again.

You may also want to avoid low-phosphorus drinks like pale beers (as mentioned) and cocoa. Mineral sodas can be a good substitute, and if you really want to drink, go with low-phosphorus red or white wine.

Another thing you should avoid is sweeteners. So while on this diet try to avoid sugars, molasses, maple syrup, processed honey, and aspartame. 



I want to add some things you should not to eat while on alkaline diet. Foods that tend to cause more acidity include grains, dairy products, fish, and meats like corned beef and turkey.

Maybe this list I made will help you. I followed this diet once and I made a list of foods which I must avoid. I hope you will find this list helpful.

nuts (cashew, peanut, walnuts)

seeds (pumpkin, sunflower)

most legumes

fruits (cranberry, plum)

corn oil


condiments (mayonnaise, soy sauce, vinegar)


This diet also may be helpful in strengthening memory and alertness, and in general, helping you live longer.