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I have had at least 5 colonoscopies in the past with no problems
then I went to a new doctor 5 in practic ! I had 1 polup in the 1st one. it was ok. the rest were follow ups.
The new doctor said I was fine a few small ticuli but come back in 4 years. I started bleeding shortly after. repeated calls to the dr office said YOUR FINE come back in 4 yrs.
When the toilet looked like tomato soup I went to emer. rm. they called dr office it was a friday.They said come to our surgicenter attached to their office monday. They a different doc mine was on vacation. knocked me out did both upper and lower. Said I HAD 3 lower polups and 1 stomach grouth. they were all ok no cancer. told I had excess acid given pills for a few weeks. Told to come back in three years.
CAN COLON POLUPS grow this fast less than 6 mo from 0-3. anybody have imfo or opinion.


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hey there,

Well let me explain you what I know about colon polyps and relatedness with cancer ...

The polyps occur in over then 50% of the population in States. The number and size of polyps increases with one's age, especially in patients with family history of colon polyps.

Most recent causes are high fat, low fiber diet, smoking and alcohol. Also I've heard that the use of aspirin and similar drugs decrease the risk too!

Most polyps, will be removed directly during coloncopy, as you already experienced, then the same will be examined under the microscope and later in pathology lab.

Some of these benign polyps can and do go on to become cancer, but very rarely. Cancerous type of polyp is known as adenoma.

Most colon cancers arise from these precancerous polyps. It takes about 5-10 years for a benign polyp to transform into cancer. While most colon cancers arise from these polyps, most precancerous polyps do not go on to cancer.

However, as is the case with colon polyps, colon cancer is uncommon before the age of 40, and increases with one's increasing age. Small polyps and early cancers may not cause any symptoms, but large polyps may cause some abdominal pain, altered bowel habit or bleeding.

I guess, you already done sigmoidoscopy and as you said you have been gone through colonoscopy, so I think you can be safe for next few years, but of course, when you see blood in your stool, this cannot be good.

Don't hear the advice from only once doctor. Visit more doctors and take more opinions.

To avoid polyps stop with eating fatty food, stop with smoking (if you smoke), stop using unneeded drugs such Aspirin!!

Hope this will help you!

Take care!


Thank you for your answer. It is nice to know that we can get answers this fast without waiting for a Doctor.

Thank you so very much.


my mom does not eat fatty foods, she has a very great diet high in fiber and does not take aspirin often at all, exercises daily and rarely drinks anything maybe wine....she has never smoked a day in her life.......she has had a few polups, what is the reason there?