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Hello everyone,

Now, when we are talking so much about this rice diet solution, I think that this one is really, but really popular. A lot of people don’t have a clue about it, but that is very sad, because this is one of the oldest diet programs ever.

A lot of people doesn’t know what foods they can eat, and what foods they should avoid, when it comes about this diet program.

Let’s talk about foods that are forbidden.I am really courses, I have to say!

Can you tell us what foods are forbidden in this diet program?

Any idea?

Tnx a lot! 


Hi there,

I agree with you. It is always a good idea to learn about some diet program before you start it. In the case of the rice diet solution, it is quite very, very simple as well. You need to limited salt intake in your meals. If you love to eat salty foods, than you should use sea salt. Also, you should avoid sugar, fat and of course, processed foods. That is whole thing about it.

I really do know that you know now what foods you should avoid. It is not complicated at all, but of course, you need to learn it.

Enjoy your day! 



Hi everyone,

My sister is literally crazy about this diet program so she can tell you a lot about it. This diet is not all about the rice, but there is a lot rice in this diet program. The list of foods that you can eat is really long, but there is also a list of forbidden foods. This is low sodium diet program as well. Well, during this diet process, she didn’t eat meat at all. I think that I don’t need to mention foods from bakery and pastas as well.

Those foods are forbidden in almost every diet program. 





Yes, you are right. I mean, I really don’t see any point why some people think that this diet program is a heavy one, because it is not :) It is pretty easy to follow, especially because there is not that much foods that you need to avoid. The principle is almost the same like in every other diet program, so it is pretty understandable, right :)

Those are those foods that are forbidden, so try to avoid it as much as it is possible and of course, tell us all about your progress :) I am really curious to know :)



Thanks a lot!I am not one of those who wants to follow some diet program just because it is popular, but now, when you take a look at bigger picture, there is a reason why this diet program is really popular. Today, I accidentally run at one friend of mine, we were talking about diet programs and – bang! We just clicked, because she is following this diet program for a while now.

She told me that she will give me that list, of forbidden foods, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Thank you for your support.

Have a nice day!