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Ever since I had my last psoriatic outbreak with patches on my forehead, so everyone around me knew what’s happening, I’ve heard a lot of advice and recommendations as to how should I treat it. Especially my sister who is completely into holistic medicine is suggesting that toxin build ups are causing this (it seems like everything is caused by toxin buildups for people like her) and that I should go on a very strict detox diet. My dermatologist however somewhat agrees with her – she, too, thinks some dietary changes could help me deal with the next flare up. But all she recommended is for me to keep a food diary and make sure to avoid the foods that are problematic. So far I have only very wide list of processed foods, red meat and nightshade plants (tomatoes, eggplant, sweet peppers) that I should be careful with, so if anyone has any more detailed info on how diet might affect m psoriasis, please share!


Hi, Tammy!  It wouldn't hurt at all to know what foods can cause your flareups.  Then you can eliminate them and live without so much discomfort.  And it is nice to know you can have some control over the situation! The most common culprits to cause psoriasis are foods with wheat gluten.  Also alcohol, nightshade plant (as you already know), junk food (that contain refined sugars/starches and unhealthy fats), red meat, especially sausage and other processed meat. Citrus fruit and dairy products are also common trouble-makers. You want to watch out for condiments since they are processed as well.  I hope you are able to get your condition under control.  I hope I was able to help out.

Does anyone else have trigger foods that causes their psoriasis to flare up?