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Hey guys,

So its 2012 and they still dont have a true treatment for FORDYCE SPOTS!!! They can treat warts, sunmarks, pimples, even mold peoples faces to look like "celebrities"!! Fortunately I've been using Jojoba oil to treat my FS on my lip and even though its only been 3 days i really can see some improvement. Maybe its all in my head but it kind of gives me hope that one day my FS will clear up. To tell you the truth, if these spot never go away i really dont give two f**ks!! At least we have a mild deformity. Some people have deformities that really get stares from EVERYONE. You know what im taling about like burned victims, hunch backs, deformed body parts; these are the people we should have compassion for not for some silly spots on our lips. Overall lets not let these little devils kill us inside. Find yourself a remedy, stick to it , and have HOPE. Dont worry guys i promise its going to get better. Hopefully in a few years somebody will actually come out with a treatment that will show result but until then "C'est la vie" 
Love Emeal


Hi Emeal, you have a great attitude towards this issue. Its important to have a good perspective on things and remember that a lot of people have got a lot worse issues to deal with.  Are you still using Jojoba oil and, if so, have you noticed a definite improvement?