I can't believe after all of these years there's still no treatment for FS on lips.  I had REALLY bad acne in my teenage years which I outgrew.  But I would trade FS for acne 100 times over!  This is like a nightmare than I keep waking up to and have been dealing with for so many years!

Has anyone actually tried medical lip tattoo?  If so, please give some advice.

Someone mentioned a lip stain - no this is NOT a tattoo.  A tattoo requires a needle to pierce your dermis and epidermis with ink.

Has anyone else had much luck with the garlic method?  I tried it and the spots looked really bad for 2 weeks (the spots were raised more/brought to the surface of the skin) then after my lips peeled the spot did shrink by 30-40%.  But after that I didn't attempt to try it again, especially on bigger clusters, for fear that the spots will be raised again and be more prominent for another 2 weeks.

Is there any hope for us?