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I have had Fordyce spots since I was 11 and I'm 14 now. Since then they have spread to my back, lips, eyes, nose, and all over shaft and scrotum. I know they're harmless but its just so hard to be confident like this. I have not told anyone about this except my best friend. Turns out he had them too! So anyone out there who has these stupid things I feel you. If anyone has any suggestions to get rid of these I would really appreciate it!! Thanks.


It seems that the spots on your eyes, nose, and back are acne, whereas the spots on your genitalia are Fordyce spots.  You can treat your acne with over the counter medication or see if the doctor can prescribe anything to you if it is severe.  Fordyce spots are more common than you think so you shouldn't worry about them unless they are so plentiful that you believe that they are unsightly.  There are laser treatments they can do, though in that area, I would believe it would be very painful.  You are better off leaving them alone, but if they bother you a lot, the laser option is available to you by a qualified dermatologist.