Hows it goin

I have had these spots on my penis since I was in my mid teens, Im 24 now and they have gotten more noticeable as time has gone by.

about 6 weeks ago I noticed they were looking very prominent. I have them worst on my balls, shaft and on my foreskin.

I started using JOJOBA oil as a treatment. It took about 1 month until I started to see a change, at first that spots looked more noticeable because the oil was bringing the sebum inside the spots to the surface. Then something happened that has never happened before, the sebum actually came out of some the the spots with only a very small amount of pressure being applied with my fingers.

Since then the spots are smaller and have much more of a skin colour, rather than looking white. The spots under the foreskin are slower to clear, they are still looking noticeabe but I will stick with it.

I couldnt believe that it actually worked - JUST GIVE THE JOJOBA OIL TIME (2 MONTHS)

I used it when I was having a wank because you can work the oil in better when ur skin is tight from being on an erection.