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Hi im 18. I’ve had these spots for as long as i can remember. they were there way before i became sexually active so im pretty sure its not an std. I know the common diagnosis is Pearly penile papules or Fordyce's spots but I’m not convinced. I went to the GP about it about 2/3 years ago and my GP named it something beginning with an 's' not entirely sure though. My GP also said they were harmless.

If you do know what they are, do you know any effective ways of disguising or getting rid of them? They are extremely damaging to self confidence, and i hate the awkward situation of a girl asking me what they are. btw I’m circumcised if that adds more detail.


I'm guessing your GP said "sebaceous prominence." Fordyce's spots is just another name for it, but they are the same thing.

Your best bet will always be to have a doctor treat them, email or call a few dermatologists in your area and ask if they can treat it. Once you find one that can, get your GP to refer you to them.

I've heard of some guys removing them at home with numbing cream and soldering iron, I have not tried this so I can't vouch for it's effectiveness.

Good luck.