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feelin good, evin tho it aint down there really, i had sex with this girl and i definately felt some pain as the foreskin was pushed back, next day the head was swollen while i was limp, kinda like a mushroom, and for last five days ive been distinctly aware of my penis in my pants, i was worried it might be herpes or something,but theres no bumps or anything, so this post definately helped me, looks completely normal now, except now the head is out all the time, unless i stretch it out, than it goes back, and the foreskin looks more shriveled on the bottom part , can someone tell me if this is allrights and if i should just let it be? cuz thats what id rather do that than have some doctor play with my wang


No, it is not alright. You have paraphimosis and you need to go to the emergency room.