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Hi guys, 

I have just turned 16 and have realized that my foreskin is attached to the glans of my penis by a skin like tissue that runs from base of my urethra (pee hole) to the bottom of my glans on the underside. I can urinate and masturbate without any pain, but would like it to be not attached. How can I get it to be realesed

P.s when it is erect the foreskin barely retracts off the glans.



Mine as well and that was since I am small. My October said it would grow and the attachment won't pull, and if not, they will have to deal with it. Idk how but i still manage to clean very well and masturbate without any problem If it being annoying - be4 it was...



You are blessed with a foreskin.

That skin like tissue is your frenulum. Almost every male is born with a frenulum. It is normal and it is supposed to be there. The frenulum has a high level of sensation because of its high innervation and serves to limit the rearward travel of the foreskin. The stretching of the frenulum during sexual intercourse helps to trigger ejaculation. Pulling the foreskin back with too much force can tear the frenulum.

If your foreskin bunches up behind the head when you retract you most likely have a short frenulum (frenulum breve). Test it by pulling back on the foreskin. If the head of your penis bends down when you pull back your foreskin, you have frenulum breve.

You can stretch the frenulum manually just like you do your foreskin. That is the best course of action if the frenulum is too short to permit your foreskin to retract. Search the Internet for:

“How to Fix Phimosis and Tight Foreskins, Solutions That Work”

and you will find the information you need.