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I am a 16 year old male, until recent i was oblivious to the fact my foreskin needed to be retracted to reveal my glands for washing purposes.

I have done alot of internet reasearch on this problem and have started the streching process.

I would be greatfull if someone would listen to my symptoms and would be able to diagnose anything

Tight foreskin - unable to reveal the head of penis without pain
Inner layer of foreskin enlarged and has a ''wrinkly'' texture
No urination problem i am aware of, no pain or strain.
Retracted a small amount when having intercourse (with a condom) but enough pain to ''spoil the moment''

I am aware that this is a commen problem with men and young adults and i would love a reply, you have my upmost gratitude



You may flush out your non-retractile foreskin with a rubber-bulb ear syringe. It is no harder than cleaning your ears.