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Hi, about 2 months I found it very difficult to retract my foreskin due to these sudden white bumps around my foreskin. It doesn't hurt unless I try to pull my foreskin back when my penis is erect.

History about me:
Asian decent
20yrs old (just turned)
Sex History: Oral sex once.

I looked all over the internet and cannot find anything remotely to what I have.

 ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** explicit and graphic content*** 

I've also provided some pictures:


I've looked at five of the six files that you posted on mediafire.  Thanks for sharing.
Frankly, I don't see anything to be concerned about.

You state that you have had difficulty retracting the foreskin due to sudden white bumps, but I see nothing that presents as if they are white bumps.
Now, your foreskin may be a little tight, but you could work on that in a warm shower, with some gentle stretching.
But you imply that you have always been able to retract it prior to this.  So, it would seem to either be a minor infection under the foreskin, or perhaps the build up of smegma that should be cleaned away.

If this continues to cause you problems, please see your family doctor.
Good luck.