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I've noticed that I got sveral small dots on my inner foreskin, now I've had those ever since I can remember.

I'm 18 turning 19 and have been batteling with insecurity and depression hence being virgin.

I didn't really ever retract foreskin either until 2 years ago. Even back then these dots/spots were there. When I was 17 soon to be 18 I decided to fix my tight foreskin and today I'm able to retract it completely becuase of stretching, forgot to mention, I went to a doctor and got directions from there. 

They don't hurt, they don't itch, its no STD. They are just there, and I would love to get rid of them.

Now Gential Warts are already eliminated from the possibilities as I am, as mentioned above, a virgin, it's not Foredyce spots either.

What I think it is, is that its either PPP(Doesn't look like it though) or just hardened smegma spots.

I just recently read that if you put olive oil on hardened smegma it's easier to get rid of it. So I starded today atleast to see.

How long does it usually take?

Oh and if anyone on here would know what these spots are, what are they? and what can you do to get rid of them(Preferably without surgery)?

Thanks alot in advance!

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Hey random it's hard to tell but it looks like possibly plugged oil glands. Have you tried washing it off?


Hi, thanks for answering!

I've tried washing it off with warm water but it's still the same unfortunately. Should I try washing it off with something else besides water? Cause just water won't work as far as I've tried :/


I think that might be freikals