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I'm an 18 yo male, and have been regularly masturbating since I was around 14. However, I have a problem with my penis in that my foreskin does not retract and appears to be attached to the head/glands. Also, the peephole seems to be swollen and has been for as long as I remember as well as there being a rash on the foreskin  what I am not sure how to describe but it too has been there for over 2 years (it seems to resemble Fordyce spots as seen in a similar picture below only more grouped together but individually noticeable). What might this be and how can I treat my condition? FWI: I am still a virgin and have had no other sexual contact.

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Hi KH,

I will not look at the picture and STRONGLY suggest you delete it from your server ASAP.

I'm going to suggest you see a urologist.  If the foreskin is attached they can treat it, possibly with either a frenuloplasty or a frenulectomy.  I'm not even suggesting a circumcision.

The spots, if they are fordyce spots, are common.  In most cases they can be surgically removed, usually by "freezing" or "burning" them off.  They can reoccur and they can offer you some additional pleasure.  I wouldn't touch them.

The rash may/may not be related to the retraction problem.  You MUST clean under the foreskin or bacteria can grow and cause an irritation.  Smegma also can accumulate.

Normally your foreskin should retract by about 16 or so.  Stretching exercises can help but see a urologist for the swollen peehole as well.

Good luck.