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Hi, about 2 months I found it very difficult to retract my foreskin due to these sudden white bumps around my foreskin. It doesn't hurt unless I try to pull my foreskin back when my penis is erect.

History about me:
Asian decent
20yrs old (just turned)
Sex History: Oral sex once.

I looked all over the internet and cannot find anything remotely to what I have.

 ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** explicit and graphic content***

I've uploaded some additional photos in gallery form which shows it more clearly:

Also, I have uploaded a video of me retracting my foreskin (where you can also see the white rough bumps shown in the photos above):

If anyone has any ideas as to what this is or what I can do myself to get rid of it please leave a reply to this thread or pm me.



Hi David,

Sorry, I have not looked at your pictures.

I can understand your concern but strongly suggest you see your doctor. No one can give you an accurate answer as to what these spots are without actually seeing them.

If not your regular doctor, see a urologist.

Good luck.