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had this for a few years and could just about handle it but just as late it just got worse and it not just the ringing its like my ears are bloked and i cant properly and theres a wooshing as well oh n my balance is not good either please can i do anything to try and make it any better or is this going to get worse like the doctor said when i was diagnosed with titinus


Hello Karla,

there is treatment for tinnitus, some is more effective than other and it's different for each person, but starting from basic regular earwax removal to even medications, if everything else fails. If you can, just ask your physician about the options you have.

Since your sense of balance is starting to get affected, all this can become just too big of a risk to leave untreated. And, if nothing else, maybe some of the possible treatments actually does help you to not hear that sound,

Wish you all the best,