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What can cause pain in the back, and the dr. thinks my kidney stopped working. I am going for test this week. What are causes for a kidney to stop working. I am not a drinker, or smoke at all. The dr. refused to give me pain medication until testing is finished. :'(


Hi there,
Greetings from Australia.

I need to know where does it actually hurting. You'd mentioned it's on your back but which side, left or right?

- does the pain gets worse when you try to 'bend' forward? (yes/no)
- do you have problems urinating? (yes/no)

If your answer is 'YES' to the first question, then I would say that you might have a "kidney Infection" (swelling).

If you start to have problems urinating followed by fever then that might raised more concern. Get it (kidneys) tested ASAP.

Having said that, from your description..... I would say that you are actually suffering from a condition known as "Pyelonephiritis" - a bacterial infection of the kidneys. The doctors will examine you & arrange for a urine test. If infection is confirmed, you will be prescribed with antibiotics. You may also need to have an Ultrasound scan or a contrast X-ray of the kidneys to look for an underlying cause.

Alternatively, you may also decide to try a treatment know as "Oral Oxygen Therapy" (O.O.T) using Oxygen Enriched Water. This kinda treatment is safe, simple, requires no medical supervision, fast-effective, has no side-effect, safe to be used by all age groups, safe to be used with any prescribed medications, affordable and much more.

Please do not hesitate contact me for more details regarding your condition or if you want to know more about O.O.T.

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