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If you are a licensed massage therapist, you have probably heard about cold stone massage therapy and wondered how it can help your practice.

If you are going to be attending the American Massage Therapists Association show in Phoenix, Arizona on September 18-20 of this year, we will be demonstrating how cold stone massage can help your spa or massage practice in the treatment of your clients.  

Basalt stone is the stone that most massage therapists use in their stone massage practice.  Although it is excellent at retaining heat and these stone sets work wonderfully when it comes to hot stone massage, marble tends to be better for the client when it comes to the cold stone massage treatment.    Investing in marble massage stones for your spa or massage therapy business will benefit both you and your clients as these stones retain the cold just as the basalt stones retain heat. 
Cold stone massage can help your practice because these stones act as a powerful decongestant when it comes to diffusing swelling in the circulatory system.  If you practice on clients who have swelling due to sports injuries, for example, they will benefit from cold stone massage.  
Other clients who will benefit from this treatment include those who want a rejuvenation massage.  Cold stones can be placed on dark circles that appear under the eyes and relive tired and puffy eyes.  They can also be placed on the sinus areas and relieve sinus pressure.  When placing the cold stones on a client’s face, you should use a protective cloth under the stone.  
The cold stone massage treatment is one way that you, as a massage therapist, can offer additional beneficial treatments for your clients.  If you are looking for a way to add to your spa treatments or your massage therapy treatments, you should consider the benefits of cold stone massage.   When you purchase cold stones for cold stone massage, purchase the marble stone sets as they are more effective at retaining the cold than the basalt stones.    You can purchase marble cold stone massage sets that will allow your clients to get the most benefits from their massage therapy treatments.

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