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i am 17
my weight is 46 kilograms
i have a very annoying feeling in my chest:it`s like really annoys me that i keep my hand on my chest all the time.and somtimes i cant stand up straight or lift my arm or lift an object high...also when i lift my heavy back:i really have a feeling of discomfort in my chest as if heart is going to fall down.
i also feel a shortness in my breathe..even though when i`m not exerscising...
besides ,sometimes i feel that my heart is beating too fast...nd somtimes slow..i cant tell if i have irregular heart beats but when i gulp i feel as if my heart has stopped beating for a second.
is it because of school stress..but i really dont feel stressed out
can someone help me with that?


Hi there,
Greetings from Australia.

I believe strongly that I can help you. There's a "Treatment" known as "Oral Oxygen Therapy" (O.O.T) using Oxygen Enriched Water. I had treated quite a few numbers of people who had a more serious and permanent respiratory problems than you, successfully with this kinda treatment.

I need to ask a few questions before I can help you with your medical problems. These questions will further help me to understand your medical situations.
1) Your Gender?
2) How long have you've been suffering from this ailments?
3) Are you on any medications? (if yes, please lists down for me the NAME of the medications which you're taking)
4) Do you have chest pain, whenever you breath deeply?
5) Do you suffers from any of these ailments as well:- frequent headache, muscle aches, cramps, coughing, mucus/phlegmn discharge & fatigue/lethargy.

Please reply these questions to *** and I will try my best to help you.

Best Regards,
VisionsLink Pty. Ltd.

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