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I’ve been suffering from psoriasis for years now and I guess I’ve been lucky up until this point because it seems that psoriasis has arrived in my right ear canal. I cannot describe you how frustrating is this feeling because you are not meant to feel your ear canal constantly. I’ve tried removing the flakes as well as I could, but I’m afraid to do anything more because the flare up tissue is so sensitive and I don’t know what damage can I cause.

All I managed to do is to put some moisturizer at the start of the flaking area, but all the other psoriasis products I have are for topical use only. And besides, I have no idea how to get them into my ear. Are there any moisturizing drops or anything that can be used in this situation?


Hello, Amy.  I would try a remedy I have seen been successful for other people.  Apple cider vinegar and glycerin may be the thing you need.  This is natural and should not harm you or your sensitive skin.  If you have any reservations, you can always dilute the vinegar moreso with the glycerin or a bit of water.  You can buy a dropper to put the vinegar solution in your ears.  You may want to warm the solution to a tepid temperature for more comfortable administration.  I hope this helps you take care of your psoriasis.  Has anyone else used this treatment and find it worked for you?