my husband is 27 years old and physically fit, but he has frequent "tension headaches" (probably once or twice a week) and a VERY sensitive stomach which results in him throwing up anywhere from once to all day for a couple days.... this occurs probably a couple times a month.  i know it would seem that they are unrelated issues, however, to have 2 issues that occur so frequently seems odd to me.  he is a smoker and does "dip", so, i feel like i could have something to do w/ that.  he also has a fungal rash on his torso that he's on medication for (though he doesn't take it as often as he should.... it's supposed to be a once/month medication and he has only taken it maybe a handful of times in 2 years).   he's a typical guy (w/ the added stubbornness of a Naval officer) and doesn't like going to the dr or talking about his health or anything.   he also doesn't want to or doesn't think he can quit smoking/dipping, so that makes it VERY difficult for me to help him.  i just want some ideas of what this might be.