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My husband is 58 yrs old. He has been experincing chest pain (sometimes very severe), numbness on the left side, weakness (feeling like passing out but don't), headaches, dizziness. He has been like this for quite a while. He's been through many tests and doctors, but they find nothing. The doctors keep telling him it's vertigo. We are worried because the symptoms are like those for a heart attack. He's already had surgery for a blocked artery in his neck. Please help us if possible. I don't want to loose him. :'(


I know you've already said that you've tried other doctors, but I would definitely see a specialist.

Vertigo does not usually cause chest pain or numbness. While these could be caused by a panic or anxiety attack, possibly as a result of feeling dizzy, it needs to be checked.

Medication errors can also cause problems. What meds is your husband on? Does he use nitroglycerin? It is commonly used to relieve angina (or chest pain) and can cause many of the symptoms you describe.