So I have this friend whom I used to be best friends with. We know each other's life stories and had no secrets. I am bi-polar depressed (as diagnosed by the guidance councilor and a few depression orgs since my family doesn't let me go to an actual therapist due to our family standing; it would be an ultimate shame) and I have health issues such as anemia, reoccurring UTI and intestinal colic. Yes, I am sickly and I've been through a lot.

In terms of our friendship, he knew that I was depressed before he developed it out of no where. I tried to be there for him and look out for him but I really had a difficult time. Not only would he act like he had the same sicknesses as me (e.g said he had UTI cause he peed for long periods of time, a colic cause his stomach would hurt after a big meal; he himself gave those details) but he would also say the same things as characters in shows such as "I destroy everything I touch" from the show Skins except that was said by a girl. He would also then suddenly think he's the most gorgeous guy in the area, proceeds to say believe that he is much more good looking he is compared to me even if I don't say or do anything to initiate that topic, he messes up other people and girls' lives by pretending to have no money to eat so that I (or some other person) would pay for his food (we found out he really has and he uses it to buy games) and by cheating on his girls. He also pouts and whines that his family won't let him study abroad while a handful of us are or give a new gadget (they're not rich to begin with plus the recession) and proceeds to explain how they suck. 

I was just wondering if this guy is really depressed or if he's just acting it?

He's been going to a therapist and taking pills. I've been feeling quite bad cause I've drifted from him but at the same time, I already have a hard time taking care of myself and my girlfriend is not used to any problems this serious so that's extra work. I don't want to help someone who's doing it for kicks and cause he wants to be the "broken guy everyone's obsessed with" anymore.