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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum, and I'm hoping to have some questions answered.

A little husband was prescribed Oxycontin for chronic pain (several back surgeries and osteoarthritis) approximately 5 years ago. He began to abuse it right away. He abused Oxycontin for quite a while. After Oxycontin, he abused Fentanyl patches. Long story short, he detoxed twice. The first time he didn't want to, but it was at my insistance, and the second time he wanted to. He was clean for more than a year, then made the decision to go back to his doctor for more painkillers because he told me his pain had increased. His doctor prescribed Oxycodone and Methadone. Methadone for long term pain relief, and Oxycodone for break through pain. This was approximately two years ago. He has never taken his prescriptions as prescribed. He decided he didn't like the Methadone, so would use all the Oxycodone the first two weeks of each month, then take the Methadone to keep from being drug sick. He told me the Methadone made him want to just sit on the sofa all day. I also caught him trading some of his Methadone for Oxycontin on several occasions. He said it was for his pain, because he didn't like taking the Methadone. We have almost divorced several times in the past five years due to "painkiller problems" and also compulsive gambling. I told him to go back to his doctor and get a painkiller he could take each day of the month without feeling as though all he wanted to do was sit on the sofa. His doctor took the Methadone away and gave him more of the Oxycodone. He told me he would be all set with the new prescription. He's prescribed 8 each day. I now hold his pain medication because of his past substance abuse issues....he looks all over the house and finds where I've been hiding them, and takes up to two more each day... running short at the end of each month. He tells me his doctor told him some of his pain days would be worse than others, and that it would be ok to take more on these days. The other night I caught him snorting Oxycodone that he had crushed. He told me he does it this way only sometimes, when he needs the med to get into his system quicker. He was out of the house last summer for doing this same thing. I told him I would not tolerate any more of his substance abuse. He was out of the house for 3 months, then asked if he could come back home with me holding his meds, and promised there would be no more snorting. I told him I would divorce him if I caught him snorting again. While holding his meds, there would be days I would give him his meds to take, and would catch him taking them out of his mouth and putting them in his pocket. When I asked to see what was in his pocket, he wouldn't show me.

I haven't seen him high or nodding out for several months. He's working and I thought all was going well til I caught him snorting last weekend. He does this after I go to bed at night. He asked me to just let it go, telling me that things are soooooooo much better than they were a few years ago when he used to abuse Oxycontin and Fentanyl patches. He also reminded me that he hasn't gambled for more than a year, and now attends Gamblers Anonymous. My problem is that I can't let it go. Cannot let it go.

I'd like to get opinions on what people think might be going on in our situation.

Thanks for any help y'all might be able to provide.



The only thing I can say is there's a problem and in order to help him he needs to go to rehab to help with the addictions.. If he truly has pain than he needs to use the meds properly but he's not so in rehab they help with that too..

When u start to snort and are always running out of meds that it's an indication he's abusing the meds..

There are non narcotic pain medications out there that help with pain 2 examples are Cymbalta and Lyrica..They do require naroctic pain relievers to help with break through pain for about the first 2 weeks...

Most naroctic pain relievers used for the first time usually give people an eurphora and allows them to feel really good..Thats y people become addictive to thses pills..Especially if they are not using them as prescribed..

I hope this helps..