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I had my gallbladder removed about 5 years ago and ever since i have had attacks in the middle of the night, it takes my breath away and if i eat a piece of bread it seems to calm it. i have alot of nausea and numbness in the actual stomach and spasms. i have alot of pain were the gallbladder use to be and now feel like i am having pain in my liver and lower right abdomin. the pain is constant and never goes away. i am also constipated all the time almost like i have a blockage. If i have a bowel movement the pain is worse on the right side.  it is a constant pain by my belly button and there is alot of pain in my back right by my hip area.also i never feel my stomach move as though my food is not digesting. when i expel gas there is not much pressure when it happens mostly happens when i cough or sneeze, embarrassing.I gave up coffee and pop three years ago because it really intensifies it.the only thing i drink is water. i also have alot of anxiety since the removal of my gallbladder. the anxiety comes on after i eat most of the time. All of this started after my gallbladder was removed never had problems before then. i do not eat much and i keep gaining wieght. So sick of being sick. please help.


What does your Doctor have to say about it?