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My gallbladder was removed over a year ago .. but her recently i have been having the same side effects as i was before it was removed, my side hurts sometimes before i eat and alot after i eat ... it hurts to lean to the side it hurts when i try to pick up my daughter .. on a scale one to ten it is about an 8.... i am starting to fill like im going to throw up all the time now .. ihave now clue what is going on .. but it has gotten to the point that i cant even lay down with out it hurting ... it feels the just like before i had it removed but it just started to act up i was wondering if anyone else would know what is going on.. please help me figure this out

thank you in advance


I have had the same problem after having my gallbladder out in September. The same pain as before and feeling sick all the time. Ive had a CT, Ultra sound and a upper gi all came back normal. I just had some blood work done that showed my amylase level was a little high but not that high. It seems like lots of people on the web have these problems, but when I talk with my Dr he act like he's never heard of such a thing. I heard sticking with a low fat diet can help.


If your AMYLASE level is high at all then you probably have some sort of infection of your PANCREAS which needs specialist ant-biotics - you can't live without a pancreas! Your gall-bladder is probably fine but great to get it out anyway. Gall bladders are bad news.

Please read in full - I know it's long but I think I'm on to something here. OK so I could go on for days about the problems I've had but I'll keep it short for you because I know you've experienced the same thing.

Firstly, here's some help you can use RIGHT NOW. Go and get this:

Take BUSCOPAN - it's a tablet or liquid drug. That's BUSCOPAN. It's cheap and pretty easy to get. And it didn't affect my brain like those heavy pain-killers. Try - - I DO NOT WORK FOR A DRUG COMPANY. I HATE DRUGS but sometimes they can help.

Also try peppermint tea - it will actually help - I am not a 'hippy'.

DO NOT TAKE CODENE - DO NOT TAKE IT - it doesn't do anything and makes you worse with this type of pain!

OK so problems with the gall-bladder, pancreas, bowel, liver, kidneys, small/large intestine etc. (human digestive system) all seem similar and Doctors can't be sure. Just keep trying and NEVER take NO for an answer and NEVER let them push you around. YOU are sick and YOU need help and YOU are the one who should decide when YOU feel better. They are healthy and fine and worried about 'more serious' patients with more easily treatable conditions - YOU must worry about YOU. Keep it up!

Anyway so: I just had my gallbladder out and feel much better because the Doctors found it was very diseased - even before biopsy results. This was after ALL the usual tests were clear - that's two ULTRASOUNDS, CT's, a special new type of CT, MRI's, even a good old fashioned X-Ray, and several others I can't remember the name of. The whole thing cost me dearly and they said I was fine and crazy. ALL my test came back "all clear". That's every SINGLE one of them. Oh yes and ALL the blood tests in the WHOLE world. And urine test too - all clear. I'm 25 and they said I was 'very young'. However, statistics show that these problems mostly occur in people aged 22-25.

So where to now?

THIS VERY IMPORTANT - Also try a 'HIDA Scan'. That's H - I - D - A - HIDA. My result was all clear (of course) but I did have pain when they drained the gall bladder and not when they did the kidneys or liver etc. Basically it's a great test because YOU can ask the Doctors when they are scanning each organ and then remember which organs gave PAIN - the Doctors won't listen but that doesn't matter - they also won't write your pain in the report - just remember where the pain was and then go to a Doctor for that organ. That's HIDA - it's new and reasonably priced. Uses a 'gamma camera' and some nucleotide - you know the stuff they inject and makes you feel sort of sick. It's OK though. Better than a CT.

I won't list how many different diagnosis were told to me. It's unbelievable. Some Doctors are the crazy ones.

The point I want to make is about the attitude toward me as a patient. I was basically told I was crazy but after the surgery I'm SLOWLY getting better.

Keep it up!

If you want to discuss more post here. I'll check back.