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I am having gastric bypass surgery soon but I also have lupus. Has anyone else had surgery with lupus? I wan to know the most common complications. Thanks, Courtney


Hello, my mother had the same concern when she had her surgery.  But things went very well for her. She didn’t really experience a lot of problems. The only bad thing is that you will no longer be able to take anti-inflammatories. The doctors will warn you that they could burn a hole in your new tummy.  She has taken some of the forbidden drugs for pain and did not have any problems but it is still something you should avoid. 

 She had one issue since surgery and that is chronic lower back and body aches. And this is the moment where you need to resist taking any pain medications and you will have to trust your doctors when they say that is the best thing for you.

Hopefully everything is going to be just fine and you will get through this without any complications. I wish you all the best.