I’ve been having breathing problems ever since I started high school maybe even before high school. Sometimes I get random shortness of breath by walking three feet or just performing simple task. For instance I can get sob when I get off the coach and walk into my bedroom sometimes it gets to the point where I need to sit down. I’m a very active person , I’m always well hydrated. I even noticed that I get sob very quickly during my flag football games and practice. Sometimes when I’m walking down the halls it feels like I can’t get air in like I’m holding my breathe I’ve tried to walk differently and different breathing approaches but the feeling doesn’t go away until I can sit down. Sometimes I sit down in the car and even though I haven’t eaten it feels like I have food like stuck in my chest. I had asthma when I was younger but after having an appointment with a plumanary doctor they couldn’t find anything wrong. Ive been to the cardiologist , who told me they Couldn’t find anything. My doctor prescribed me an inhaler and I’ve been using it before I run or during my sob but all I get is shaky hands from doing this. My grandma believes it’s anxiety but I don’t think I have anxiety cause I’m a very carefree outgoing person. I’ve had blood test and other test done but the only thing that happens is I’m left clueless . I just need anwsers because I know something isn’t right but I don’t want to wait until I faint in order for me to have to get anwsers so if anyone has any slightest clue of what this could be please let me know. Btw: I use to be on Keppra for epilepsy idk if that night help