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If you are workout avoid ant, I get it. You have no time to work out; no money for a trainer, and far too many things on your plate with home life and your career. Gail Kasper provides three tips to get you back on track and in the groove.

Are you workout avoidant? I get it. You have no time to work out; no money for a trainer, and far too many things on your plate with home life and your career. Or maybe, you feel so far away from your goal, you just don’t know how to get started – it feels pointless. Yet fitness and nutrition are vital to living a healthy lifestyle. There is no negotiation.  So, what do you do?

Here are a few important tips:

1. Ask yourself this question, and write your response

What’s going to happen if I don’t get started on a workout routine?” That’s right, I’m asking you to tap into the emotional as well as the physical side to get yourself started. The bottom line is that you have to get out of your own way. This might mean writing that you’ll eat more, sleep more, have less energy. You might write, “I could be more susceptible to diabetes or heart issues,” or just as important, “If I don’t workout, my self esteem will be affected.” And if it gets to this level, it will affect you everyday. Write down all of this. How will you feel about you if you don’t get started now? The answer isn’t good… yet this writing process is one of the greatest eye openers and can prompt you to get started.

2. Do something – just one thing

Imagine you are stranded in the wilderness: here you are in a big empty field with nothing in sight. You have no idea how to get out and back to society. Would you just sit there and wait for someone to come rescue you? NO, I don’t think so. Chances are you’d try to figure out how to get home. You would do something. And you’d probably push yourself to limits you never thought possible. You would make it happen. Now, this situation is extreme and could require enormous effort, but in everyday life, the little steps count, no matter how small.

Little steps may be throwing away junk food, eating a healthy breakfast, or even declaring “no carbs” after 3 PM.

With regard to working out, perhaps you can barely walk around the block, that’s okay. Daily, increase your walking time until you hit the 50-minute mark and then increase your speed to a brisk walk. Nothing happens by magic. People don’t fit into their favorite jeans or run marathons overnight. It’s the journey where you develop better habits. As a matter of fact, the healthy habits you develop from the journey are the tools that will keep you on track, long after you have reached your fitness goals.

3. Ask for help

Who is that ONE person, we all have one, who will annoy you repeatedly to make certain you are meeting your fitness goals? Either a coach like me or someone who can join in on the fun and take that walk or run with you. That person is key. 

You are much less likely to quit something when you feel responsible to someone else.

You are on the brink of something great. And remember, it’s all about healthy living – mentally and physically!

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