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Hello I am 30 years old and this past week I've been feeling very sick.

I have had some very bad Anxiety and Panic attacks for the last 6 months as well. I also had my first Hot Flash the other night and I thought It was something like a really high fever and I was thinking I might need to through myself in a tub filled with ice but thankfully that was not the case.

My symptoms are as follows:

  • Urinating during the night (needing to get up to use the bathroom)
  • I've been shaking a lot (like after a drink a cup of coffee I will start to shake)
  • being able to feel my pulse through my body
  • being able to see my glands in my front neck throb
  • some strange like jolts or shocks in my upper neck and back of head
  • Hard to catch my breath sometimes
  • Dizzy spells happens a few times during the day and night
  • Hot Flashes (this only happened to me once)
  • Having Panic and Anxiety attacks for past 6 months

So does anyone know what these symptoms might be besides anxiety attacks and or panic attacks? I have a doctors appointment this Thursday 07/12/07 and I'd like to be able to tell my doctor some things if possible that I would learn from these forums.


It sounds a lot like Hyperglycemia.