I feel like I have developed a sleeping disorder over the past couple months. I have had difficulty going to sleep every night, I have frequent panic attacks at night due to anxiety, I wake up about an hour or so earlier than Id like to to pee each morning, then when I return to my room I can't fall back asleep. Also, my heart beats very fast due to the anxiety attacks I have when I'm trying to fall asleep. It takes alot to fight these attacks, but even when I do, the fighting keeps me awake for hours. This leads me to be tired all day but never be able to get sleep because my mind is scared that this will happen every night and I will never sleep regularly again. What is happening? Is this a sleep disorder? This started about 3-4 months ago with a UTI keeping me awake but know I feel that I have some mental thing preventing me from sleeping, its becoming very difficult to function, any help would be greatly apericiated. * I did have severe anxiety when I was a little kid, I am 18 now and this has come upon me.