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My three girls (5yo, 8yo, 10yo) share a room. Lat year, they went to bed at 7:00pm, lights off at 7pm, but they were noisy until 8ish or 9, so the youngest didn't gat enough sleep.

Dd8 is the most noisiest, she keeps awake the other girls.

So I've tried several bedtime routines:

  • all to bed at 7pm --> always noise until 8ish
  • Dd5 at 7pm, Dd8 and Dd10 at 8pm --> Dd8 and Dd10 awake Dd5, so it's also noisy until 9pm
  • Dd5 and Dd8 at 7pm, Dd10 at 8pm --> Dd5+8 are still awake at 8pm, also noisy until 9
  • Dd5 and Dd10 at 7pm, Dd8 at 8pm --> Dd5 and Dd10 already sleep at 8pm, and Dd8 is going asleep without noise

So last week I put Dd5 and Dd10 into bed at 7pm, and Dd8 stayed up until 8pm.

But now, Dd10 is complaining, that it's not fair, that she must go sleep at 7pm, while her younger sister stays up later. I explained that this is the only succesfull way to get the girls quiet asleep, bus Dd10 is still sad about these new bedtimes.

Should I continue these new bedtimes (Dd10 sad and grumbling)?

Or should I agree with Dd10's complaints, and give her a later bedtime? And what should be a good bedtime routine, to get the girls quiet asleep?



I think, you should continue the most succesfull bedtimes, and explain to your oldest girl, why this routine is best for all.