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Hey guys,

I have a problem when urinating. When I urinate, the urine comes out nicely just like normal, but when I'm done the urine is very sticky and sometimes sticks onto the tip of my penis. It's rather like sperm but yellowish/green. It has no smell. This has happened three times, once whilst I was on holiday in florida which was around four month ago, and twice this week.

It first happened in florida where I held my urine in too long because I got locked out of my hotel room and I was desperate for a pee. The urine came out fine, and then there was a gooie substance left behind on the tip of my penis.

I don't get any pain, nor itching or swolenness. I am also 15 years of age, and my parents think its something to do with puberty or I have an infection.

My mom went to the doctors yesterday for me as I was too embarrassed to go myself, and the Doctor told her that it can't be anything serious, but will probably some type of urinary infection. He gave my mom a container which I have to place a urine sample in.

I really don't want to do the urine sample incase it's anything serious. I have been worrying about this all week.

Just for the records, I have never had sex and very rarely masterbate.

Sometimes, when I am sat at my PC like I am now, my underpants will feel a bit wet where my penis has been touching. And sometiems in the morning I can see a yellowy stain on my underpants.

Please help,
Thanks in advance!


probably nothing serious man. I'm 15 and have never had your problem but we are different people. From what i know (i'm no doctor) it's probably nothing serious. Do the urine sample. Believe me, it's better to do the sample and get diagnosed so you know what to fix rather than worrying about what you might have. I had to pee into a jug for 3 days in the past to find out that i have liver problems. It was a shock but i felt better knowing that there was a reason i was feeling the way i was. Do what is right for your health and take it easy. =]