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2 weeks ago I found lump under my right testicle, so I went to my doctor and got it check and he said it was hydocele or some spermacydel something like that and he said I should wear a jock strap without the cup or wear better support and it should shrink down. Well, I did some research before that and freaked me out about testicular cancer and one sign of it was frequent urination.

Anyways after my diagnosis by my doctor, I began paying attention to my urination frequency and I tell you I pee alot. But, I also drink a lot of water. But then, I feel like this is urine stock on the tip of my penis and its irritating. But this only happens if I pay attention to it and watches the clock.

If I do have to pee I pee normal. No pain, no discharge, no nothing except the frequency. I just turn 27 yrs old and I'm asking myself -- Am I just getting old? now I'm concern with this frequent urination and I am wondering if my doctor's diagnosis is correct and if I have some kind of UTI (Never had it).

What can i use or do as a home remedy? Should I wait a little longer, before going to the doctor and telling him/her this silly story?



I made another appointment to see a different doctor to see if this lump under my testicle was to be concerned about and basically i got the same answer as the first one. About the frequent urination, I got my urine taken, and blood test. Everything came out normal and he ask me many question about penil discharge, and other stuff. He concluded that I have a mild Urinary tract infection, which he said it should go away in a few weeks and keep my self hydrated with cranberry and water to flush it out.

I am completely relieve with the result and I got my peace of mind. I suggest if you are having the same problems, don't rely on my experience and suggest to see a doctor to determine what it really is.