I know, I should visit a doctor, however I've been getting some really annoying itches, and I would like some prior knowledge before I go.

Several years ago, a strange circular rash appeared on my middle knuckle and itched ALOT. It kept coming and going, and coming, and going... until it ceased completely. What a relief. Didn't last very long. After my appendicitis episode at the hospital, I've been itching my ass off (literally) in the groin area and rectal area. All signs pointed to jock itch. I applied the topical treatments to my groin and rectal area (tolnaftate mostly). The pain and itching partially eased, I sometimes itch but it's not so bad. Now, the top of my feet are killing me. Insane itchiness sensations occur in those areas. Is this normal, I mean has the Tinea fungus launched a full blown invasion on my body?