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Hello everyone,

This is my first post here and I would like to inquire as to what I might do about an annoying rash on my bottom that I have struggled with for about 6 months now. I have tried everything under the sun I feel. It first started when I wore a tight pair of denim shorts without underwear one day. I at the time was on a plant based diet and had seen some great results. The rash seemed worse after sitting down for awhile. I have tried Desitin Diaper rash cream, Lotriman, Neosporin, sitz baths, common lotions, a 10 day course of antibiotics along with steroid cream (which cleared it up but it came back after the meds were used up), and even Clorox bleach and rubbing alchohol. This rash has spread to my anus and feels like an anal fissure. The doctor said he felt it was Excema when he prescribed me the anti-bio-tics. I will be calling him soon to tell him it did not work. The itching drives me crazy during work hours and sleep. I usually scratch the heck out of it resulting in leaking and bleeding. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Bridgs,

Demin shorts are know to have dyes in them can cause irritation to many People.  These are harsh dyes and not to mention other finishing chemical they put in clothing that can cause serious irritation if not even allergic reactions you never had before.  Never put Chlorox bleach on your skin.  That is so caustic I don't know where to being.  At this point I would suggest you put some cold cream on what ails you and then rinse with water.  Once you do that dry off lightly and apply more cole cream and delicately rub it in.  This should help your damaged skin to begin healing.  Take it one day at a time and be patient.  Keep demin dyes away from your skin and your vaginal area.  They can give you infections you can't ever get rid of.