I made the mistake of getting FULL UPPPER Dentures around 7 months ago (A mistake IMO, I wish I would have saved at least SOME teeth. Now they are gone forever...). I'm in my mid 20's and the Dentist didn't even attempt to save any of my teeth. The only way I have left now is to GET IMPLANTS DONE as they are the closest thing to real teeth...

The Dentist did "Bone Grafting" and said that he placed them in 6 spots. He made me wait 6 months after doing the bone graft. Now he is telling me he can "do the next stage which is putting the screw or whatever in", and then after that we need to wait ANOTHER 3 MONTHS! Then once that's done he can finally put the 6 implants in, and I can do either Denture supported Implants or Implants+Bridges...PERSONALY I WOULD RATHER HAVE IMPLANTS+BRIDGES ONLY. They are MUCH MORE REAL FEELING...

Problem? The Dentist is telling me two things:

#1: Now that I've already waited 6 months he can move to step 2 with the implants, but then once he does step 2 I have to wait ANOTHER 3 MONTHS!!!! Why!?! I heard that Implants can be done in ONE DAY, yet this Dentist is telling me 9+ months total? How can some Dentists do the whole thing in 1 day while this Dentist is telling me 9+ months??? I don't want to wait that long! (6 months after the bone grafting before he goes to step 2 + 3 months after step 2, plus step 3 is another few weeks or few months).

#2: He is telling me that if I choose "Denture supported Implants" that I later on CANNOT change them to Implants+ Bridges full uppers. He said this is because if I choose the Denture route that he will "Place the implants in certain spots to support the upper denture". He said though that if I choose the Implants+bridges that he would place the Implants in DIFFERENT spots, therefore, he's telling me I need to CHOOSE BEFORE I MOVE ONTO STEP 2!!!

Is this true? Can I not just get an implant supported Denture now then later on once I'm ready move onto Implants + Bridges only?? (I'm talking around 6-8 implants on Upper, and the rest are Bridges. NO Dentures anymore)

ALSO: I'm being told if I go the "Implant supported Denture" route that I will not be getting "real implants" rather just the "screw" will be put on, and that my current dentures will be readjusted to snap onto the 6 implant screws. WHAT!?! I want REAL implants, not just screws. Can they not put real implants in, and then just build the denture around it? Or connect the Denture onto the full implants? I don't only want "half" implants, I want real implants so that if I take the dentures out you can at least see my 6 implants (so I won't look fully toothless with my Dentures out). Is this possible to do?