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I am 38 and I had 3 miscarriages so far – what could be wrong? I want the child so desperately but after 3rd miscarriages I am not that brave to try again for it costs me a lot emotionally but on the other hand would also like to hear what the causes of miscarriages are and is it worth trying again with a pregnancy?


I think you should try once more or until you made it. I had even 5 miscarriages and even a failed delivery in the beginning of third trimester that ended fatally and I know well how it might affect your emotions but it is worth trying for after all these miscarriages I have finally managed to have a healthy baby that is now 12 years old and I had 40 when she was born. The thing is that I have spent the whole pregnancy in bed without moving anywhere practically. Anyway the exact cause of miscarriages is not known but some possible cause might be your age for around this age our eggs are beginning to deteriorate but usually the miscarriage cause is hormones imbalance in pregnancy or more usual some serious infection or immune system problems.


I am sorry about your miscarriage. I also had one just recently. I will be trying again. Mine fell into a public toilet. It was the size of a gold ball.

Here is some information about miscarriages:

What is a miscarriage?
A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy during the first 20 weeks. It is usually your body's way of ending a pregnancy that has had a bad start. The loss of a pregnancy can be very hard to accept. You may wonder why it happened or blame yourself. But a miscarriage is no one’s fault, and you can't prevent it.

Miscarriages are very common. About 1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage.1 It is also common for a woman to have a miscarriage before she even knows that she is pregnant.
What causes a miscarriage?

Most miscarriages happen because the fertilized egg in the uterus does not develop normally. A miscarriage is not caused by stress, exercise, or sex. In many cases, doctors don't know what caused the miscarriage.

The risk of miscarriage is lower after the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy.
What are the common symptoms?

Common signs of a miscarriage include:

* Bleeding from the vagina. The bleeding may be light or heavy, constant or off and on. It can sometimes be hard to know whether light bleeding is a sign of miscarriage. But if you have bleeding with pain, the chance of a miscarriage is higher.
* Pain in the belly, lower back, or pelvis.
* Tissue that passes from the vagina.

95% of miscarriages happen because of genetics. The baby isn't developing properly. If the baby could survive while the pregnancy has genetic problems, the baby probably would be severally disabled.

I feel for you.


well for starters, your wrong and im living proof! ive had 3 preg,and lost them all i go to a obgyn plus 3 other specialist as well! cause of loss is...stress, hormones imbalance, genetics,if you smoke or drink,over weight,
or chromozone problem between you and your others blood not mixing, and for some people clomid helps get preg and others the birth control pill for a couple of months and then stop them and try again,theres alot of reason for a woman to not carry full term,also when you lose a preg any tissue tht comes out save! the doctor can send it off to find the problem tht caused it in the first place,second if youve ever had to have a d.n.c where all the tissue and stuff from the baby doesnt come out on its own) they will also send tht off as well and do the same thing, theres lots of choices today find a specialist and go and dont give up! i know the feeling as well as you to lose a child, but maybe this link will help you more, n most cases, a miscarriage cannot be prevented because it is the result of a random genetic or chromosomal change that occurs during conception or during early fetal development. That said, certain factors - such as age, smoking, drinking, and a history of miscarriage - put a woman at a higher risk for losing a pregnancy. But you can do many things to increase the chances that you and your baby will be healthy throughout the pregnancy.

lots of baby dust to us both!


I really have never done this i dont know where to start. I am 20 yrs old to start off with. I have had a total of three miscarriages and have never figured out why. I know its not genetics because no one in my family has ever had one..I have ended birth control early..about three months before trying..and quit smoking as well. I even started taking vitamins two months before conception. I miscarried, even while doing all of this three weeks ago. It was one of the most depressing situations that i have gone through in a long time. Yes i know what many of you are probably thinking...shes young shes got time..or why is she complaining...its only three. But what you dont understand is that after ever one makes it harder to concieve a baby...i have so much damaged tissue from being raped...beaten...and fought through out my life..that the dr keep telling me i probably will never be able to have a baby...I know that i was put on this earth to be a mom...and as selfish as it may seem...i want to have MY child..with MY blood running through it..and I want to CARRY it. but they are saying the chances are getting slimmer...I hope that someone can help me through this...maybe give me some faith that it could happen.. i have a 15 percent chance as of now..and it keeps reducing over time...