I have had 2- 2nd trimester miscarriages (19 and 20 weeks within one yr). The 1st was PROM/1.5 cm dilated/mild lower abdominal cramping. The pathology report said chorioamnionitis (infection of amniotic fluid). With the 2nd pregnancy I was given antibiotics prophylactically (as a precaution). I had some lower abdominal cramping and spotting. I was on the 17 p shot to stop preterm labor. I knew that my cervix was dilating. When I got to the hospital I was 3 cm with bulging membranes. Baby was healthy (lived 2 hrs). What is wrong with me? I have had 3 d/c procedures in the past. I think my cervix is weak but the doctors say that cramping is not a sign of incompetent cervix. They don't believe that I could be an exception to this rule. The fact that I miscarried around the same time says alot to me. What else could be wrong?