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Hey all...

My problem is common for hair fall dandruff n dull or you can say very rough hair

First let me tell u I have tried many shampoos n dat may b d reason for my problems n finally got shampoo fo 5 problems of hair n dat is loreal paris.. bt not happy wid dat also... bt its much better dan before..

the problem is after choosing diz shampoo, hav started prob of dandruff alot.. my hair is so smooth n shiny on the day i wash it.. after a day or 2 it starts getin dull n rough again.. m not oilin my hair regularly just coz m working woman... bt sometimes put oil for a day... n after dat if i wash my hair its luks v nice..

Please suggest my any home made ideas for my hair prob... I hurd abt curd,, is it gud ?

how abt using egg direcly on hair ?


Try using Dove shampoo and conditioner.

If your skin and hairs are oily then egg is not beneficial.