I have had for the last 1.5 years difficulty swallowing--if I had to self-diagnose, I'd say somewhat muscular due to poor posture and maybe...scar tissue from an old accident. It's gotten better--but is not gone and have symptoms daily. ALso tight neck, sore, throat tightness, etc. Most recently have had more problems talking. I can't yell (huge strain) and really can't sing at all--but especially a higher pitch. Huge strain on throat, vocal chords or something. Not sure where the strain is coming from. As that becomes irritated, irritates the swallowing as well. Positioning of my head (if I look down or up or penis it a certain way) it affects my swallowing. My next step was an ENT Dr, chiropractor (checking for pinched nerve) and/or speech pathologist. My ear also does a lot of cracking when I first wake up in morning. Any suggestions?