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Hello. I am a female Caucasian that is 23 years old, 5' 7" and about 155 pounds. I was diagnosed with optic neuritis in early March. I had eye pain upon movement, blurry vision, slight loss of color (Which still remains), and some odd headaches (almost felt like a severe hot flash inside my head). The doctor did not feel it was necessary for me to take the steroid treatment. My vision is recovering, but I don't really expect it to be 100%. I had an MRI of the head and neck and it came out clean with no lesions. My blood tests came back clean as well. I consider myself to be relatively healthy aside from some urinary tract infections and my neurologist said that he doesn't think I will develop MS, but what I have read makes me think differently and I want to be informed. I know that there is no way to pinpoint exactly what my risk of MS is, but I was curious if any other cases like mine have not developed MS? When I look online for answers, I never seem to find a positive story.



I'm afraid I don't have completely positive story for you either - but at least it has a happy ending. One of my good friends started to experience problems with her vision that were nearly followed by problems with balance. She went for the tests to check her optic nerve, inner ear and finally lumbar punction - even though we hoped the final diagnosis wouldn't be MS, it was. 

However, she had a somewhat disputed CCSVI surgery and so far her symptoms haven't worsened and she gave birt to a beautiful baby girl in the meantime. So, even if there is a possibility you'll develop MS that by no means mean the absolute end of everything, 

Wish you all the best,